Space food has evolved a lot since we were kids. No longer are astronauts limited to freeze-dried slop. They can have their choice of a variety of foods including cheese, steak, and even M&Ms. But we can imagine that the astronauts serving long bids aboard a space station pine for freshly grown vegetables. Well, NASAs working on it. 

NASA's Johnson Space Center in Houston, TX. partnered with Swedish industrial designer Mirko Ihrig to develop a system for astronauts on the space station to grow fresh vegetables. There's not much information on it, but from what we can tell, the system revolves around small packets that contain enough nutrients for a small plant to grow when punctured and injected with a special material. 

As of now it's just a concept, and there's no word on when of if the system is expected to be implemented. For astronauts sake, we hope it's sooner than later. 

[via Like Cool]