According to a USA Today poll, in the event of an alien attack, 65% of Americans would trust current president Barack Obama over Mitt Romney to protect our country and its most treasured possessions (get those Kardashians into a bunker, now). 

Why is this? USA Today doesn't say, but we're thinking Obama is more likely to ensure that the event wouldn't turn into a scene from Mars Attacks because he is a badass who has seen a lot of Star Trek. Meanwhile, the verdict is still out on whether or not Mitt Romney is an alien himself. 

Additionally, the poll also covered a few more things: Only 36% of Americans actually believe UFOs exist - haven't the rest of you seen The X-Files? - while 48% aren't sure, and 17% don't think they do at all. As for who people on who they would call in the event of an alien attack, 21% would call the Hulk, 12% would call Batman, and 8% would call Spiderman. 

Yes, this is real news. 

[via USA Today]