We hate to break this to you, but there is a way to guarantee that you don't succeed: attempting to use a pick-up line. Not only is it cheesy, but there's always a sneaking suspicion that you've used the exact line on 10 women before us...that night. No woman wants to feel like she's one of many on your conveyor belt. 

Likewise, if you take advice from some "artist" wearing eye-liner who advises you to manipulate a woman into sleeping you, you need more help than we can give. Women know about that shit, so don't try it. Stop thinking you're going to outsmart a woman with some sort of Jedi Mind Tricks you saw on MTV. Women can spot your game in no time, and yes, there is shame in it.

No matter what you've heard, insulting a beautiful woman is not a turn on. Trying to undermine a woman's confidence to get in her pants is just sad. Tease, but make sure it's done playfully, in a flirty way, not as a means of manipulation. If you're looking to be perceived as a challenge, try not seeming needy and being an intelligent, capable conversation partner. Trust us, that's enough. 

Plus, do you really want to answer "How did you two meet?' with, "I made fun of her until she felt so crappy about herself that she went for me?"