Ubisoft's E3 press conference this week would have been dominated by the stellar-looking Watch Dogs, if it hadn't been for Flo Rida's surprise performance, at least.

The rapper stole the show when he performed "Good Feeling" (from the upcoming Wild Ones, set to release on July 3) to celebrate the announcement of Just Dance 4.

The game uses Wii Remotes to track players' dance moves in colorful, party-oriented gameplay, and Flo's "Good Feeling" is one of many popular songs on the soundtrack.


We caught up with Mr. Rida shortly after his performance to find out more about his involvement with Just Dance 4.

How were you involved with Just Dance 4?
Well I actually got involved through my record company. Just having a big record such as "Good Feeling" makes the job much easier, so I mean, I'm definitely a video game, you know, fanatic. You know, just coming home a lot of times off the road, me and my friends and family, that's a way of connecting with each other and catching up on the past times, it's playing video games. So now I have, you know, a perfect gift for them.

Did you lend any choreography to the game?
Well actually, a little bit of choreography. You know just shooting the reel for the video which actually showed out here for everyone who was watching me perform today. I was doing a couple of dance moves that I never thought I would ever do. But I definitely got a little bit of experience in that area.

Have you ever worked on a game before?
I've never worked on a game. This was my first time.

Would you work on another one?
I would love to, you know, maybe I could be some type of you know, big huge action figure in some video game real soon. I guess this could be a great start.

What kind of games do you normally play?
I love sports games and you know, some action games.

What are you looking forward to at E3?
For the most part you know going back and telling my family I did a great performance, getting them all riled up and letting them know that they have something to anticipate as far as any new gifts from myself.

When you were growing up did you ever think you'd be involved with a game like this?
I mean, I couldn't have imagined that it would happen. But you know, the fact that this game gets everyone up and off the couch and everything, I mean it's very interesting, it's something very different and you know you get two for one. You get the chance to enjoy yourself and it's quite a workout.

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