Though we're more inclined to say that former Complex cover girl Mila Kunis is the hottest of them all from Seth MacFarlane's recently released comedy Ted, there are apparently some who would disagree. A lot. According to TMZ, the titular stuffed bear is turning into somewhat of a "breakout star in the Plushie community," which is made up of people who have fetishes for stuffed animals and things like that.

A website specializing in all sorts of fetishes - you may remember them as the same guys who wanted to buy the rights to that Dancing With the Stars footage that featured Nancy Grace ripping one during a post-performance interview - has contacted MacFarlane in hopes of acquiring Ted's image to use as their new mascot for the site. Apparently, they've sent a letter with their proposal, saying, "Not since Alf has there been this kind of excitement over a stuffed animal...we are very serious and would like to engage in talks with you at your earliest convenience." Unsurprisingly, MacFarlane has not commented. 

So, who saw Ted this weekend?

[via TMZ]