Unlike the Justice League, the members of Stormwatch protect the world and battle against evil from the shadows. This group of super-powered demigods can match anyone else in the comic book industry with both brains and brawn, but for the most part, no one even knows they exist. Written by Peter Milligan, Stormwatch is a title that strives to shed the norms of the superhero genre and create a world unlike anything else the company has to offer.

And courtesy of DC Entertainment, we're bringing you this exclusive preview for Stormwatch #11. Written by Milligan with art by Ignacio Calero and Sean Parsons, this issue will be on sale July 4. So check out a brief synopsis and a batch of new art for the issue below.

• THE ENGINEER takes center stage!
• There is a shadow organization as old as STORMWATCH…but who are they and what secrets do they hold?