Samantha Tomasini will spend the next four years behind bars after violating her parole for trying to sell her baby in front of a Walmart. Tomasini reportedly asked the judge to put her in jail because she'd most like violate parole again. 

The Salinas, Calif., native and her boyfriend  Patrick Fousek were arrested back in June 2010 for trying to sell their 8-month-old daughter for $25 in front of the store. According to prosecutors, the duo were frequent methamphetamine users and were high when they were arrested. 

Tomasini pleaded no contest to child endangerment, and was initially sentenced to four years probation and ordered to enroll in a drug treatment program. However, she was arrested once again last year for violating her parole. As for the little girl, she's been adopted. Meth and maternity don't mix.

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[via The Huffington Post]