Address: 125 East 7th St.

Spawned from the popular dessert truck that originally hit the streets back in '09, the Big Gay Ice Cream Shop has truly come into its own, offering classic soft serve with creative toppings served by fun, good people.

I ordered the very popular Bea Arthur. The inner cone is lined with dulce de leche then filled with the vanilla soft serve, which is then injected with dulce de leche and covered all over with ‘nilla wafers.

Every single bite of the top portion of the ice cream insures you taste the creamy but dense soft serve and carefully implanted dulce de leche. The wafer provides great texture and crunch. There's a pleasant surprise at the bottom of the cone, but that's for you to find out. The pinch of salt in the dulce de leche is phenomenal.

The humongous serving size is great for the price point, too.

Other Notable Flavors: Salty Pimp and Gobbler