51-year-old Robin Bottieri was arrested at her home in Hobe Sound, Fla., this week after beating her boyfriend down. She told police that when she arrived home, he informed her that the cable had been cut off. When she phoned her provider for an explanation, they told her that her service had been suspended due to an outstanding $400 bill for porn.

She confronted her boyfriend, who owned up to purchasing the booty movies, and she got so pissed off that she spit on him. He didn't take kindly to that, so he pushed her and then a real fight broke out. During the match, she ripped his shirt off in true pornographic fashion.

Bottieri called 911 and her boyfriend bailed, but police caught up with him later. He verified her account of what happened, leading to her arrest. So, yeah, porn can actually ruin relationships.

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[via NBC Miami]

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