After raising $41 million from investors and failing to make a blip on the social network radar, Bill Nguyen's Color video- and photo-sharing app was counted out by many. However, rising from the ashes, Nguyen announced a new partnership with Verizon Wireless that will have his app pre-installed on a good number of Android smartphones running on Big Red's 4G LTE network. 

The app, which now allows users to broadcast short video clips of themselves that others can watch live, will, according to Nguyen, help Verizon promote its 4G network. Verizon on the other hand will help bring much needed users to Color.

Color started out as a way for people to share and view images from people within a certain proximity. Once people signed up a realized that the app was useless if no one around you used it, Nguyen changed the app to allow people to share video on Facebook. Now on its third iteration, Nguyen is hoping it catches traction against already popular video-sharing apps like Viddy. 

[via Bloomberg]