Ubisoft Massive is apparently working on a next-gen game, according to a job listing on their website.

Massive, Ubisoft's Sweedish development studio, has contributed to both Assassin's Creed: Revelations and Far Cry 3. The studio is best known for their RTS series, World in Conflict.

Though not a whole lot can be gleaned from the description, the game will definitely have "modern AAA online features" and is being designed for multiple platforms.

"You will be developing modern AAA Online game features, taking them from a persisted backend through the game engine to the user interface. You will work iteratively in tight collaboration with other programmers, game designers and testers; to design feature code architecture to fit multiple platforms and backend."

Though only one position mentions the "next-gen" nature of the project, Massive is in the middle of a larger hiring push: The site has 12 open positions listed, including programmers, character artists, and a MMO PvP specialist.

What could Ubisoft Massive possibly be working on? Give us your ideas in the comments!

[Via Ubisoft Massive]