A major part of overcoming hardships is facing your demons, which might explain why Tiger Woods was recently spotted back on the Vegas pool party scene. Hey, we all deserve a Mulligan in life, right? TMZ has an image of Woods (second image) at the place that helped contribute to the demise of his image, and her was surrounded by temptation.

Woods slid through the Liquid pool party at the Aria (3730 Las Vegas Blvd. S)one of our 100 coolest places of the past decadesporting shades but not sporting his wedding ring. He spent the day hanging out with friends inside of a private cabana, trying to avoid trouble.

That's next to impossible in Vegas, and there was plenty of bait around. Click through to see pics of the party, and scantily clad girls doing their very best to be chosen.

[via TMZ]

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