Age: 12
Best projects: Mad Men (2007- Present, AMC)

When one thinks of AMC’s Mad Men, several things come to mind, and they all revolve around adult themes and grown-up excellence. On a weekly basis, creator Matthew Weiner’s period drama showcases some of television’s best acting, highlighting talents like draping-ass Jon Hamm, John Slattery, and Elizabeth Moss as the performers tackle everything from workplace strife to domestic turmoil. Here’s the craziest thing about Mad Men, though: Its most formidable scene-swiper is only 12-years-old.

Over the last two seasons, fans have watched little Kiernan Shipka turn Sally Draper, daughter of Don (Hamm), into a complex, multi-layered girl on the verge of life’s harsh truths about adulthood. With every shocking sight she sees, or curious move toward maturity she makes, Shipka’s internalized anguish lends Mad Men significant heft.