Little did DC know that when the second version of The Suicide Squad appeared in 1987, it would completely turn the concept of a team comic book on its head. The Suicide Squad isn’t comprised of altruistic do-gooders in capes and tights; it’s a team of sleazy ex-cons and super villains hired by the government to do its dirty work in exchange for shortened prison sentences.

The squadwasn’t involved in high-profile missions for public consumption; they were in charge of taking on the clandestine duties that the government didn’t want to touch. Assassinations, espionage, and other dirty deeds were carried out by villains like Deadshot, The Penguin, Captain Cold, Enchantress, and other baddies from the DC Universe.

"Dysfunctional" doesn’t begin to describe the Suicide Squad, and their constant strife and untrustworthy nature made for some of the most intriguing stories the company put out during the late ‘80s and ‘90s. The book continues today with a new roster and creative team, but the team itself is just as violent and antisocial as ever.