Modern Warfare 3's DLC has been slow to release to non-Call of Duty Elite members, but the second content collection will finally launch to Xbox 360 gamers on May 22.

The collection contains new multiplayer maps (Sanctuary, Foundation and Oasis), new spec ops missions (Iron Clad and Switch Back), and most importantly, the debut of Face Off maps, which pit players 1v1 or 2v2 against one another in close-quarters battles. There are two initial Face Off maps: Getaway and Lookout.

The MW3 Collection #2 will be released on Xbox Live on May 22 for 1200 Microsoft Points ($15), and Call of Duty Elite subscribers will be able to download all the content for free on May 15.


And good news—MW3 players who don't feel like shelling out for DLC aren't going to get left in the dust with the debut of the Face Off game mode, because two free Face Off maps—Aground and Erosion—will be released to Elite members on May 15 and to everyone else on Xbox Live the day after.

No word yet on when the content will release on PS3 and PC, though Activision assures us that it'll happen "at a later date".

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