Today in the creepy part of the Internet: An anonymous seller is offering a vial of what he claims to be deceased president Ronald Reagan's blood though an online auction house based in the Channel Islands, PFCAuctions

The seller claims that he obtained the vial of blood from his mother, who was once employed by the Bio Science Laboratory in Columbia, Maryland. Reagan's blood was sent there to be tested for lead poisoning after the failed assassination attempt on him outside of the Washington Hilton Hotel in 1981. He says that his mother was granted permission by the lab director to take the vial home.

Understandably, the Reagan Presidential Foundation is pretty mad about all of this. "If indeed this story is true," the foundation's executive director, John Heubusch, said in a statement, "it's a craven act and we will use every legal means to stop its sale or purchase." Something to note, though - the seller claims that they offered it to the foundation, but it was declined because they weren't interested. So, the seller took to auctioning it off, because they feel it's what Reagan would have wanted given his economic policies.

The vial is currently going for about £9181.00, which translates into roughly $14,465.00. So, you know, if you've got that much laying around and are into this sort of stuff...the auction closes on Thursday at 2 pm EST.

[via Gawker]