While Leslie Sandoval (second image) doesn't remember what happened the night his friend, Seth Foster (last image), was killed and dismembered, he does remember where Foster's severed foot is located. It's the lone body part that authorities have been unable to find, and Sandoval is using it as a bargaining tool to secure a plea deal.

This is odd, because although Sandoval says he doesn't care about receiving the death penalty, he's still trying to play "let's make a deal" with Solicitor Chrissy Adams. Sandoval says he remembers going on a drinking binge with his homeless friend Foster, but has zero recollection of how his head, torso, hands and one foot ended up scattered around Anderson, S.C.

Though he offered a confession, he claims he doesn't remember that either:

Sandoval says he is confused about exactly what happened. But he disagrees with a coroner's finding that he beat Foster and denies a claim from investigators that he confessed and gave them the knife used to dismember Foster.

He's currently being held without bail at the Anderson County Detention Center. Given the violent nature of the crime, he probably doesn't have much leverage for any type of deal.

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