Looking to expand its brand and extend the life of some of its most successful franchises, Lionsgate is attempting to make television series out of The Expendables, Red, and Step Up, according to Deadline. With The Expendables 2 hitting theaters this summer, and a sequel to Red on the way, these properties will be more high-profile than ever, so the move to the small screen makes sense to a certain extent. 

There is absolutely no way you'll ever see Sylvester Stallone, Bruce Willis, or Helen Mirren reprise their movie roles for TV, however, which is already a strike against these projects. For Red, this still might work out because the concept is so strong. But in the case of The Expendables, the whole movie was sold on the concept of these legendary action stars banding together for one huge blockbuster. It will be interesting to see how that concept translates across mediums without its stars. 

[via Deadline