A new drinking game has originated in New Zealand and seems to be taking the country by storm despite the fact that it sounds pretty stupid: Likely created by some really bored teenagers, it involves sitting in a tree and consuming as much booze as you can until you get do drunk that you fall off said tree. It is called..."possum."

From AFP:

The craze has reportedly swept the South Island city of Dunedin, which has a large student population, leaving public parks strewn with glass, litter and vomit.

"It's been occurring fairly regularly for the last two or three years," Dunedin City Council's parks manager Alan Matchett told Fairfax Media.

Matchett described the activity as "pointless" and said his staff were tired of cleaning up the mess created by students playing possum.

"What they drink has to come out again, so they do throw up and urinate from the trees," he said. "Obviously, it's not nice to have that left behind."

He said the council was concerned about potential injuries to students and damage to its trees, as well as the inconvenience to other park users from boozy youths nestled in the branches.

The game is named after the brushtail possum, a nocturnal marsupial introduced from Australia which has become a feral pest in New Zealand and is a common sight in urban parks.

Yeah, they must be really bored over there.

[via AFP]