North Carolina is in the news for something not related to college basketball, but for something just as regrettable. The state's proposed Amendment 1 packs a double-punch of intolerance. Like California's infamous Proposition 8, Amendment 1 would define marriage as occurring a man and a woman ("because that's how it should be") and would make civil unions and domestic partnerships illegal.

Naturally, some people in North Carolina do not like this. Some have even gone so far as to— gasp!—put signs up in yards. One of these signs got too close to one Alex Wiles, forcing him to actively repress those weird feelings he got from P.E. class and his aren't-you-too-old for-that love of professional wrestling that he otherwise lets his subconscious deal with. Ever the reactionary, he did not waste time in fulfilling some of the worst kinds of Southern stereotypes. Wiles uploaded a stupid video to his dumb-ass YouTube account of him, filmed by his giggling, oafish friend, shooting a shotgun twice at one of the signs protesting Amendment 1. 

This is America, guys, where mutual male bonding over hate for gay people and professional sports isn't gay, but supporting gay marriage is. Oh, and shooting guns, shotguns, isn't phallic or anything. We bros, we bros.

[via Gawker]