Though his brief tenure as CEO of Yahoo! recently ended in ignominy, Scott Thompson will still exit the building with a few wheelbarrows worth of cash in tow.

The ex-CEO, who was forced to resign after it came out that he lied about having a Computer Science degree on his resume, still has claim to $7 million worth of cash and stock that he earned during a mere four months at Yahoo! Thompson was granted the money, which includes $1.5 million in cash, in the deal he made when he joined Yahoo! from PayPal.

Even though Thompson won't get a severance package because of his culpability in the resume scandal, he will reportedly keep the bonus money as a part of his exit agreement with Yahoo! Instead of going after Thompson in a drawn out battle, the unlucky Internet company will attempt to quickly move forward under interim CEO, Ross Levinsohn.

Meanwhile, Thompson makes out with a nice stack of change for four months of work.

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