Brandon Jennings in quite the eccentric. Known for his explosive play, crafty ball-handling and attention-grabbing hairstyles, the Milwaukee Bucks point guard is occasionally so Cali that he can't help himself. The Compton, Calif., native recently revealed an Instagram photo of his tattoo which pays homage to the California staple Roscoe's House of Chicken and Waffles

Though the tattoo is just being noticed, Jennings says he actually got in back in 2009. Everyone loves the Long Beach-based chicken shack, but not enough to have "Roscoe's" with "Legend" above it permanently etched into his skin. That's not it—Jennings also has a pair of Roscoe's sneakers:

You damn right I'm ratchet!!!!! Yup I love Roscoes!!!! Cali Love!!! #DontCARE

— Brandon Jennings (@BRAND0NJENNINGS) April 28, 2012

You have to appreciate dude's unapologetic love for his state.

[via LAist]

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