Bethesda/Zenimax recently filed for a trademark on the term "Hearth Fire", the name of a volume in Skyrim's "2920" in-game book series. The title is a "skill book" that, when opened, adds a single point to a user's Conjuration skill. But why would Bethesda need to trademark it?

Skyrim's first DLC expansion, "Dawnguard", has yet to truly be revealed (more at E3), but could "Hearth Fire" be the name of yet more DLC to come?

The book itself has to do with the assassination of a prince, the reactions of the emperor and empress, and the event's far-reaching effects, told from the perspectives of multiple characters. You can read it here.

Could it make some juicy Skyrim DLC? Let us know what you think in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Strategy Informer]