The Coppolas and the Schwartzmans have all the makings of the perfect sitcom family. First, you've got Francis Ford Coppola, a bona fide badass and famous as hell filmmaker. Then, his daughter and the "golden child," Sofia Coppola, a talented filmmaker in her own right and wildly successful. Jason Schwartzman, Sofia's cousin and the total hipster in the family. Robert Schwartzman, the wanna-be hipster because, let's face it, his band Rooney is anything but. And then, finally, the unintentionally hilarious loon, Nicolas Cage (né Nicolas Kim Coppola).

But since the family sitcom in the same vein of The Brady Bunch is dead, a reality show is the next best thing for these guys. We can see it now: The Sofia-Nic rivalry, Jason and Robert being hipsters together, the family get-togethers... They'd be the Kardashians, only more talented.