Ever since Foxconn became a hot button topic, much has been written on the workplace conditions at the Chinese factory that manufacturers, among other things, Apple's iPad. It was shocking to hear that the device associated with (re)birthing an entire market segment, one that's so close to perfection, was created in such dire circumstances. The whole ordeal left us wanting to check out the work floor with our own eyes. Now, thanks to American Public Media's Marketplace.org, we can.

Earlier this year, Marketplace's Shanghai Bureau Chief Rob Scmitz became the second reporter to gain access to Foxconn's factory floor. Somehow, he was able to bring a video crew and record how things at the storied factory really were. The video shows workers dressed in immaculate white jump suits manufacturing Apple's iPad. You'll see workers putting the motherboard together, installing and then testing the display, and some other tasks. Watching the video, it's easy to see how people can go crazy doing this work for hours and hours on end. 

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