As seen in: The Human Centipede 2 (Full Sequence) (2011)

If you've ever stumbled upon an episode of HBO's Real Sex or read through pretty much anything sent to Dan Savage, you're already aware that there are some, uh, colorful kinks out there. From those who love to wear diapers to those who can't perform without glancing at a photo of Ed Koch, there are sexual cravings that revolve around just about anything under the sun.

But even HBO's late night crew have to draw the line somewhere. We can't imagine its producers not raising an eyebrow at a deranged murderer who enjoys, above a woman, or even a well-lotioned hand, thrusting his wood into a rolled portion of sand paper—while watching The Human Centipede's first eyeball-burning installment, no less! Which part's more masochistic? You be the judge.

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