Ah, teen flicks. There's nothing like a quick hit of nostalgia to make you realize what an ass you were for never being fully appreciative of that time frame in which one really had no responsibilities other than procuring booze and booty. Holding down a 16-hour job, paying off school loans, living on ramen—these are things that make the daunting Social Studies homework of yesteryear seem tame by comparison. Though there are lots of '90s offerings that'll do the job when we're buggin' and need a little blast from the past, nothing truly delivers the warm-and-fuzzy feelings of American Pie (or maybe it's just the Shannon Elizabeth nude scene).

Speaking of which, the race between the movie's core crew to lose their virginity resulted in an endless supply of hilarious "getting-off-gone-wrong" moments, but none of the dudes ever seemed to have it quite as bad as Jim (Jason Biggs). The guy could never catch a break, whether he was proving himself a model minuteman with the sexiest girl in school or enduring pep talk after painstakingly awkward pep talk with his prying dad (Eugene Levy).

Those, however, could never compare to the embarrassment we all felt on his behalf when, in an attempt to get a sense of what third base feels like, he satisfies his cravings by getting down and dirty with a helpless pie in his kitchen—only to have his dad walk in on the man-on-baked good action. The result? A scene that's become one of the most iconic, but far from the most shocking samples of sexy time in which there's only one consenting adult...because the other isn't human.

In honor of the American Pie franchise's seemingly final installment, American Reunion, which hits theaters this weekend, we present to you our list of The 15 Weirdest Things People Have Had Sex With in Movies.

Written by Lauren Otis (@LaurNado)

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