Have a hankering for an iguana burger that you just can't shake? We know, we know—once you get a taste of it you just can't get enough. But we are imploring you to not illegally smuggle iguana meat into the United States.

Just ask Eliodoro Soria Fonseca who was sentenced to two years in prison for smuggling 159 pounds of iguana meat into the U.S. He beheaded, deboned, and skinned the iguanas before hiding them in a bunch of coolers under some fish. Honestly, not the worst plan we've ever heard for trying to smuggle iguana meat.

Fret not, iguana-meat lover's, importing iguana meat is not illegal. It is regulated, however, in order to protect iguana populations. So, be careful about who you're getting your iguana meat from these days.

The word "iguana" was written nine times in the body of this article.

[via Laist]