Bioware has completed phase two of their Mass Effect 3 mia culpa campaign, releasing a patch fixing the Mass Effect 3 Shepard import bug.

The patch comes just one week after the developer announced that they will be releasing an "extended cut" of the game's controversial ending.

If you haven't heard, many of Mass Effect series' most die-hard fans were incredibly upset when they found that they couldn't import the face they designed for Shepard at the start of ME3. As it turned out, anyone who had imported their Shepard from Mass Effect to Mass Effect 2 without making any changes could not transfer their character's face to Mass Effect 3. Obviously this was an incredibly serious problem for a lot people.

So if you've been waiting all this time to do your "real" play-through of ME3 with your own Shepard, you can go ahead and dig in right now. Have fun!

[Via Joystiq]