When Rockstar sat me down behind the scenes at PAX East and asked me what I knew about Max Payne 3, I thought of the many changes coming to the series: the new game will be set largely in Sao Paulo, Brazil, and it'll sport tons of new features and mechanics. And Payne has aged some, which has caused the loss of his hair—or so I thought.

"It's something of a progression," Rockstar told me, adding that it's drastic events in the story that necessitate Payne's makeover. And what kind of Max Payne game would it be without drastic events, desperate times and dire circumstances?

Rockstar said they were thrilled when they purchased the rights to make the game, and though they're glad to be able to add their own new "Rockstar spin", they're being "very, very careful" to include plenty that old fans will respond to. Here's five examples of each.