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PaRappa the Rapper, Sly Cooper, Kratos (God of War), Sweet Tooth (Twisted Metal), Fat Princess, and Colonel Radec (Killzone 2)—those are the character so far to be confirmed for PlayStation All-Stars: Battle Royale, Sony's answer to Super Smash Bros. and generous helping of chaotic fan service.

Watch the reveal trailer above to see those characters in action as the developers, Superbot, talk about their process with the game.

They say that they're listening to fans, and that many of characters that people are clamoring for could well be included in the final product.

The video shows off some of the game's unique levels, as well, which will meld elements from different Sony game worlds. Our favorite is definitely the Patapons attacking Hades from God of War. That's clever.

What characters would you like to see in the game? We don't want to hazard any guesses and add fuel to the fires of speculation, but there's nothing stopping you from doing so in the comments or on Twitter.