Move over Hawkeye, Princess Merida might wind up being our favorite bow-and-arrow wielding hero by the time the summer is over. In Pixar’s Brave, Merida (voiced by Kelly MacDonald) is stuck in a kingdom where she is forced to settle down and marry a man of the King's choosing. But that’s not the life for her, and she rebels against the status quo to make a name for herself out in the world.

In this new featurette from the movie, courtesy of Yahoo, we get a better look at the character of Merida and why she wants to disobey her family. But as she goes off on her own adventure, her impetuous nature causes her to unwittingly unleash an ancient curse upon the land.

Brave is one of the rare Pixar films that doesn’t depend on an anthropomorphized animal or car to create a memorable character. Merida is a fully-realized human girl with a mop of wild hair and a rebellious streak that we can all relate to. We’ll see if Brave can bring Pixar back to prominence after the disappointment of Cars 2 when it gets released on June 22.

[via Yahoo!