An Easter egg hunt in England nearly turned deadly when a 3-year-old boy found a live hand grenade during his search.

34-year-old Steven Moffatt noticed the grenade first, when he saw the boy standing on what looked like an Easter egg. As he told The Daily Mail, "We were beginning to count up the eggs at the end of the hunt and I saw a boy of three standing on an object ... It was brown and about 4 inches high. It looked like an Easter egg, but it was a hand grenade -- I was shocked. The boy who was standing on it thought it was a rock."

Moffatt, who was there with his wife and three kids, immediately began ushering the young children away from the grenade, and the bomb squad was called the assess the situation. The grenade was safely detonated after everyone had cleared the area.

Hopefully, that poor kid got lots of Easter candy after this. 

[via Huffington Post]