A four-year-old boy in Jacksonville, Florida tested positive for cocaine usage after police say he found some on the floor of his mother's room and thought it was icing.

According to a police report obtained by the Florida Times Union, police discovered the child when they were responding to a complaint of prostitution at a Candlewood Suites location. After gaining entry to the room, cops discovered two men, and the child trying to eat something off the floor. When they stopped him to see what it was, they realized it was cocaine. There was also white icing on the floor, so it's assumed the boy thought that's what he was eating.

Police took the child to a nearby hospital, where he tested positive for cocaine.

The two men were arrested, one admitting that they'd rented the room for the boy's mother so she could use it for prostitution. The child's mother could face charges of child endangerment.

[via Huffington Post]