Plastic Surgery

Jennifer Coolidge's Fountain Of Youth: It’s not easy being a MILF, and that’s why rumors have always swirled around Coolidge’s plastic surgery over the years. She seems frozen in time; just check out the picture above, from American Reunion, to see how she apparently hasn’t aged a day since the first movie hit theaters way back in 1999. If Coolidge has had some work done, it’s certainly not enough to make her look like a plastic mess. But if she is all natural, we want to be pumped full of her genes at once.

Tara Reid's Botched Boobs: Unlike Coolidge, there's no doubting Reid’s history under the knife. But it’s not because of how much more youthful and vibrant it made her look; rather, Reid is infamous for receiving both a botched tummy tuck and boob job.

And, unfortunately for her, the world saw the latter mishap up close and personal in the aforementioned P. Diddy incident. The star has since spoken candidly about the procedures, unlike most celebs who try to hide their plastic surgeries. Reid eventually got the work fixed up; now, she looks better than ever.