Predictions: Who Will Be The Most Successful Post-American Reunion?

Alyson Hannigan: With How I Met Your Mother still on the air, and reruns playing for hours at a time, Hannigan's face will be on TV for no less than two dozen hours a week throughout the foreseeable future. She can easily build off her success as the relatable Lily Aldrin by landing as many leading lady parts as she wants on the big screen. Failing that, she's also the perfect candidate to play the quirky best friend in almost any movie.

John Cho: Another Star Trek movie is hitting theaters next year, and it will undoubtedly be a box office champ. And whose face will be on all of the posters and trailers? That's right: John Cho. The franchise role of Sulu is a sweet gig for Cho that will keep his visibility at an all-time high amongst the geek and mainstream crowd. Plus, there's always more money to be milked from the Harold And Kumar franchise. We think he'll be just fine.

Jason Biggs:  Call us crazy, but we're predicting that Biggs can reclaim some of that fame he had in the late '90s and experience a bit of a career revival after American Reunion hits theaters. He's the focus of the movie, as well as the highest-paid actor in it, so there are people in Hollywood that still believe in him. If he can just pick the right projects, we could be seeing a lot more of Biggs in the near future. 

Seann William Scott: Personal problems and poor role choices may have derailed his progress somewhat, but, as evidenced by Scott's atypically multifaceted turn in the recently released hockey flick Goon, he clearly has the talent to remain hot for as long as he wants. Or as long as his agent keeps away from scripts akin to Mr. Woodcock and Cop Out.

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