Psycho Crusher

Character: Final M. Bison
Game: Street Fighter Alpha 3
Button Combination: Hold back for 2 seconds, forward, back, forward + Fierce

Complex Says: Now this is a boss. Bison has been getting on our nerves for several years, but the most fun facing him has to be in Street Fighter Alpha 3. In Street Fighter II, we feared the Psycho Crusher, but after the emergence of Supers, the Psycho Crusher got a major makeover. After Bison glides off of the screen, he performs his patented Psycho Crusher, but this time it moves faster and fills the entire screen. This Super was proof that Bison cannot be messed with though this was one of the last times we get to face him as the final boss of a Street Fighter game.[[complexVideo? &video_id=`21633` ]]