Each day you're presented with an endless stream of advertisements trying to persuade you to cop the newest and latest gadgets. Our job here is to help you wade through that mess and pick the best ones. However, today we're going to switch it up and take you back before there was a new Android phone released every week. To a time before touch screens and 4G networks; a time before Apple was the most valuable company on the planet. 

We went through eBay and found a bunch of dope vintage technology. Why would you want to buy old gadgets? Well, because they're cool. They give you sense of how far we've come. And they're cool. Some have reached the level of art piece, while others would just be cool to have around the crib. While only true geeks will truly geek out at a pristine Commodore PET, everyone can appreciate an old Leica or Motorola DynaTAC. Keep reading to see what we found.