I've never done a "drop test" of a gadget before, but I assume that most people assume that the device will be thrashed by the time they're done.

The guys at Gizmo Slip sacrificed a PS Vita to the pavement just to how it would hold up. If you've ever held a PS Vita or seen it in person, you know that it does not look like it can take much damage. Between the touchscreen, the rear touchpad, and its dual analog sticks, there are just so many pieces that could break. Honestly, I'm kind of afraid to take mine out of the house.

Amazingly enough, the Vita survived three consecutive four-foot drops. They drop it on it on its back. They drop it on its side. They even drop it directly onto pavement screen-first. The Vita made it through.

I'm still not taking mine outside, though.

[Via Gizmo Slip]