Spoilers aren't fun. As pop culture writers, we try to avoid the dreaded s-word by all means possible, employing all possible tactics—including but not limiting to alerts, fireworks and loudly sounding sirens—to deter readers from accidentally stumbling on an unwelcome spoiler.

WARNING: There are no Mad Men spoilers here. But, Alison Brie did almost drop the ball on a recent segment with The Soup. The actress (when not gallivanting with Gillian Jacobs on the Community set) plays Pete Campbell's (Vincent Kartheiser) wife Trudy on Mad Men. Luckily for AMC, Brie didn't exactly ruin the upcoming season premiere.

But she did put some crazy ideas in our heads. Imagine if Don Draper's carefully concocted swag was just a front? Nah...

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[via Vulture]