9. MILLENNIUM (FOX, 1996-1999)

Mystery: What is The Millenium Group?

Millennium was a spin-off of The X-Files, and it was as brilliant as it was short-lived. It revolves around a former FBI agent named Frank Black (Lance Henriksen) who has the unusual ability to put himself in the mind of a serial killer and see the world through their eyes. This gift makes him an attractive employee for The Millennium Group, a secret society that believes the world will end in the year 2000.

Eventually, Black begins to uncover more about the group and discover its origins reached back thousands of years. Revelations about the group’s past, and its plans for the future, provide the type of conspiracy stories that any mystery junkie feeds off of. It’s a crime that the show didn’t last a few more seasons; it could have wound up as one of the better dramas in recent memory.

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