Tim Burton has always been known as one of the more offbeat directors in Hollywood. With his use of gothic imagery and bizarre plots, his movies have always straddled the line between the mainstream and the truly disturbed. And in his latest flick, Frankenweenie, it looks like Burton has achieved a level of weird that few directors ever have.

Frankenweenie reimagines the story of Frankenstein with a young boy in place of the crazed Dr. Frankenstein and his resurrected dog as the monster. We can assure you that this is the only kids movie in the history of cinema that features a scene where a child digs up the corpse of his four-legged best friend and shocks him back to life. 

Done entirely in black and white, the stop-motion animation here captures the horror aesthetics of the classic Universal monster movies, while also bringing the modern charm of recent CGI animated films like Shrek and The Lorax. If done right, Frankenweenie could be a nice change of pace from the cookie-cutter animated films of recent years; however, if done poorly, it could traumatize an entire generation of children. Either way, we’re pretty excited.

Frankenweenie will hit theaters on October 5.