We've all been there. You're getting your ass handed to you in some online shooter when the proximity voice chat kicks in and you realize the person placing your ass on that platter can't be older than 12. If you don't rage quit right away, you're going to be in for even more pain as you focus all your efforts on taking down that one underaged opponent, only to get stomped on again and again.

Although this is a dramatization, we're pretty sure it's alarmingly close to reality. To all the RosieABCs out there trying to ruin the fun of rational adults by being super good at games that are way too mature for you: we'll see you at the breakfast table after we spend all night playing Jenga with your mothers.

If only that threat sounded less empty. How do you deal with being trolled by little kids online? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter.

[via Kotaku]