DONNIE KWAK: “[Deputy Editor] Brendan Frederick sent an email to the whole edit staff. The subject line was, ‘You are all now bloggers.’ It had our WordPress passwords and logins. That was a baptism by fire.”

MARIAN ISEL BARRAGÁN, Photo Editor 2007–9: “That Aubrey O’Day shoot was something else. After that was over I felt like I had to go home and take a shower.”

TIM LEONG, Deputy Art Director/Design Director 2006-10: “I took over as design director for Aubrey O’Day’s shoot. An unmatched shoot in terms of raunchiness. For the very first shot, she came out topless, saying, ‘Okay, let’s go.’ And we’re saying, ‘If this is the first shot, what the fuck is gonna happen next?’”

NOAH CALLAHAN-BEVER: “The Aubrey shoot was the first time we broke the Internet. The images were so raw, and she had just gotten fired from Danity Kane a week or so prior to that. We did 5 million page views and the servers went down.”

TIM LEONG: “[For the November 2008 issue] we shot Tracy Morgan and Christopher Mintz-Plasse, probably the funniest shoot I’ve been on. It became apparent during this shoot that Tracy Morgan does not act on 30 Rock. Joe did the interview [with Morgan] on set, so to give them some privacy we left them in a secluded area. We could hear them talking, but after a while I noticed that Joe was standing to my left. I’m thinking, Who’s back there? I looked and it was just Tracy, talking to himself.”