PETER RUBIN, Features Editor/Executive Editor 2006–11: “What was so magical about when Noah became EIC is that he assembled a team where everyone had a similar sense of humor. Being inappropriate didn’t really matter, as long as it made you laugh. It was smart people making dumb shit for smart people.”

DONNIE KWAK: “Kim Kardashian was a nobody at the time, but Paris Hilton was the shit. Kim was just the hot chick who was always with her. Then the Ray J sex tape rumors came out. She didn't have PR, so we got her email from Nick Cannon, who we'd heard she used to date and was randomly visiting the office to meet with Marc. I emailed her and we did her first cover."

RICH ANTONIELLO: “We saw that magazines were slipping, so we said, ‘Let’s do this digital thing, but let’s not half-ass it.’ Instead of one brand online, we wanted to embrace the specialization of the Internet. We launched the Complex Media Network in September 2007. That was a game-changer.”

NOAH CALLAHAN-BEVER: “[Senior Editorial Strategist] Joe La Puma helped Rich pick the first sites—NahRight, Nice Kicks, SlamxHype, and MoeJackson.”