CHERYL LOMAGLIO: “Moving from a small suite to our own big floor of an office was a turning point. We hired more staff. Richard Martin replaced Jimmy as editor-in-chief. We moved to our current offices in the Ecko building on 23rd Street. You felt like part of this huge brand.”

DONNIE KWAK, Senior Editor/Senior Deputy Editor 2004–11: “One of the things I miss the most was that every once in a while you would hear Rich go off. Like, the sickest barrage of profanity you could imagine. Slammed doors, slammed phones, just a stream of vitriol. It was a little bit scary but also entertaining. In the old days it might have been once every week, then as the years passed it would be more rare. But I miss that. He used to say ‘You gotta be fucking kidding me!’ and then a door would slam. I kind of wish somebody would do that in my office.”