The big question for Apple watchers since the death of Steve Jobs last year has been how the company would change in the absence of its founder/philosopher/king. So far, it's been difficult to perceive any differences to the company's trajectory post-Jobs, since much of what it has shown to the public at this point was in the works while he was still around. And that's to say nothing of the fact that you simply can't ever know for sure what a dead man would or wouldn't do if he were still among the living. In one of Apple's latest releases, however, one former employee sees concrete evidence that the company has departed from Jobs's vision in at least one significant way.

Michael Margolis, a former Apple engineer, reveals via his Twitter account that the new interface of the just-released Apple TV is in fact a Jobs rejection— something the exacting chief executive had tossed out a full five years ago.

This is particularly interesting given the fact that the new Apple TV interface was criticized by more than a few reviewers for being ugly and difficult to use— charges that it's basically impossible to imagine getting thrown at the company under Steve Jobs's direction.

For Apple's sake, we can only hope that this isn't a sign of things to come.

[via SAI]