We want our news anchors to be robots, capable of reciting the day’s events without displaying emotion or missing a beat. But they’re only human, and humans fuck up. Because they spend the bulk of their time on-air, the rolling cameras are bound to capture some flub.

Last month, Kyle Dyer, a veteran anchor for Denver’s NBC News affiliate KUSA, set the Internet ablaze after being bitten in the face by a rescued dog on live television. In a recent interview with ABC News, Dyer described her first thoughts after the attack: “I'm bleeding, and it had to be on television."

Worse has occurred on camera, and there’s nothing the masses love more than witnessing a public meltdown. Complex knows few things are more entertaining than a good train wreck, so we’ve taken the time to bring you the 25 Worst News Anchor Fails.

Words by Julian Kimble (@JRK316).