No, we aren't talking about the tear-jerking flick about racial tension between Angelenos (though Matt Dillon succeeds in being pretty creepy in that movie). In this case, the honors go to David Cronenberg's homage to car crash-inspired sex and the people that love it.

Among them is James Ballard (played by James Spader, who you should know by now is a rock star when it comes to portraying weirdos), a man who discovers he has an unshakable new fetish after getting into a head-on collision with Dr. Helen Remington (Holly Hunter) and her husband, who is killed in the crash.

While the movie revolves primarily around the affair between the two and their discovery of other like-minded fetishists that get off on bumper-to-bumper action, Ballard's strange new turn-on ends up being, against expectation, just the thing to breathe life back into his marriage.