Indiana high school senior Austin Carroll has become something of a cause célebre in his hometown of Garrett after being expelled for a tweet that school officials deemed profane. The tweet came from his own personal Twitter account.

Carroll says he was writing from home at 2:30 AM, but his school disputes that claim, saying it has evidence that the tweet came from a school computer and is therefore grounds for discipline.

And what, exactly, did this abominable tweet say?

"Fuck is one of the fucking words you can fucking put anywhere in a fucking sentence and still fucking makes sense."

Crude, sure, but also harmless and maybe even a little brilliant? One thing's for sure: we've seen far more offensive tweets from teenagers just this week.

Carroll has been forced to attend an "alternative school" in order to graduate on time this year, but getting kicked out his old school was a total bummer.

"I just want to be able to go back to regular school, go to prom and go to everything that a regular senior would get to do in their senior year,” he said.

Some students at at Garret are reportedly planning to protest. Justice for Austin!

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